Reward token (stALS)

The stALS token is a unique digital asset that is exclusively rewarded to holders of the Atalis Fighter NFT on a daily basis. This token serves as a special incentive for those who own these NFTs, providing them with additional benefits and opportunities within the Atalis ecosystem. By holding the Atalis Fighter NFT, collectors have the chance to earn stALS tokens regularly, allowing them to further engage in the platform and explore its various features. These tokens can be utilized for a range of purposes, from participating in exclusive events and competitions to accessing premium content and services. Additionally, the stALS token adds value to the Atalis Fighter NFTs, making them even more desirable and sought-after among collectors. As a result, owning these NFTs becomes not only a source of pride but also a potentially lucrative investment.

Swapping System

StALS is a unique token that can be easily exchanged for Atalis Governance Tokens at a 1:1 ratio. This innovative feature allows token holders to seamlessly transition between the two tokens, ensuring a smooth and efficient swapping process. StALS holders can take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the Atalis Governance ecosystem, which offers a range of benefits and opportunities for token holders. By swapping their StALS tokens for Atalis Governance Tokens, users gain access to voting rights, decision-making capabilities, and influence over the development and direction of the Atalis platform. This integration between StALS and Atalis Governance Tokens creates a symbiotic relationship, empowering users to actively engage in the governance and growth of the Atalis ecosystem.